Who we are

Together everyone achieves more

We at PaddhO Community believe that, where you come from doesn’t determine where you go. We strive to provide an excellent professional education to one hundred job seekers in our locality.

Their dreams are sky high; the only thing holding them back is the harsh reality of their community. They deserve the best and we are giving all we have to put them on a better path, and we need your help!

We would provide them training of latest technical skills and knowledge with a well equipped training centre, what is available in metro cities that will be going to be an opportunity to be in competition with other urban people and a safe space for them express freely and learn from each other.

We would provide scholarships to the students who deserve the best in their life. We would improve infrastructure such as libraries, a computer lab, a better roof for the classrooms and provide quality sports equipment so that no dream goes unfulfilled.

We, therefore, make a sincere and humble request to you to help us achieve our vision of excellence by contributing to their growth and development in any way possible, big or small. We will be extremely grateful if you could spread the word to anyone who would like to help.